Digital Roadmap Episode 7 – Diablo

Digital Roadmap Episode 7 – Diablo

On this episode we look at the action role playing game “Diablo” (1996) from Blizzard North. In the episode I refer to the theme from Tristram that you can listen to here. If you want to read the manual for the game you can do that here thanks to If you’re looking to scratch the “Diablo” itch, you can get “Diablo 2” and it’s expansion “Lord Of Destruction” right here from Blizzard. If you want something lighter, grab “Torchlight 2” here. Remember to connect with us on twitter @roadmappodcast. Don’t forget to come back next episode when we cover artificial life and emergent simulators, leading up to “Creatures” from Cyberlife.

Music credits:
Song – My cue to leave
Artist – Steve Combs
Album – The Green Album

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