Digital Roadmap Episode 9 – Creatures

Digital Roadmap Episode 9 – Creatures

On this episode we look at the artificial life game “Creatures” (1996) from Cyberlife Games. I very much recommend this game, doubly so  considering it comes with the sequel as well in “Creatures: The Albian Years“. Remember to connect with us on twitter @roadmappodcast. Don’t forget to come back next episode when we kick off the Summer of Star Trek with a look at the early history of Star Trek games, and the end of month look at “Star Trek: Bridge Commander”.

If you’re looking to not only play Creatures but get deeper into the systems it provides, take a look at these resources:

Creatures Wikia
Creatures Caves
Discover Albia

Music credits:
Song – My cue to leave
Artist – Steve Combs
Album – The Green Album

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