Digital Roadmap Podcast Episode 26 – Chris Avellone Interview

Digital Roadmap Podcast Episode 26 – Chris Avellone Interview

The man who doesn’t stop swinging. In this special episode of Digital Roadmap, I sit down for a discussion with veteran game designer Chris Avellone. During our talk we cover everything from the design philosophies of his earlier work with Interplay all the way through his involvment with “Into The Breach” and “Pathfinder: Kingmaker”. Also, check the references for many of the items we discuss.

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George Ziets: A Retrospective On The Mask
Prisoner’s Dilemma
Planescape: Torment
Fallout 2 *
Fallout New Vegas *
Wasteland 2 *
Prey *
Into The Breach *
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Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Amnesia *
Legend Of Grim Rock *
Don’t Starve *
Dying Light *
Duskers *
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