Introducing The Summer Of Star Trek

Introducing The Summer Of Star Trek

I was only 3 years old when “Star Trek: The Next Generation” premiered, yet I still have vague memories of sitting down and watching it with my parents. They told me about the broad concepts of the original series and I fell in love with the style. I used to have a VHS recording, right off PBS of the “Reading Rainbow” episode that took everyone behind the scenes of Next Gen, a perk of LeVar Burton being part of both shows.

On the flip side, all through my teens I went to summer camp that included canoe trips. These took me into the semi-wilds of Ontario and well away from the light pollution that blacks out the night sky of even small towns, let alone cities. So as I watched the adventures of people exploring the stars for the betterment of all civilization, I had a view of how much was truly out there.

As the years went by, Trek shows began and ended. My characters joined their predecessors in movies, both good and less good. Characters reached their conclusion and “Star Trek” faded from production in 2005. Since then a new film series has come around and helped revive peoples love of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future.

In all this time, many games have been made. Not many are well remembered, and many are remembered for not being done well. Every time I load one up though, I always remember the hope for the future and all the warm nights staring at the starry sky.

So, every July and August, Digital Roadmap will be covering games from the Star Trek canon. They won’t always be in chronological order, but this is Star Trek and they love to mess with time.

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