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Exploring how the games of the past, brought us the games we love today.
Rules Of The Road

How We Play The Games

Just like everything else in life, we work from a set of rules when playing our games. These are the core rules when playing for the show.


Play the game in the most old fashioned format possible.

Retro Rule

One of the goals of this series is to see if the original version of the game holds up in today’s world. To accomplish this, we try to find the older version of the games. Avoid the remasters, avoid the quality of life mods, and often run it straight out of DosBox. If there are any mods used, they will be the resolution mods to make the game easier to view on modern screens.


Get as far as possible. You don't have to complete the game if time isn't there.

Reasonable Expectations

Sometimes life gets in the way. Some games just don’t have a “victory” condition. The main goal is to get the best idea of how the game plays, not get 100%. This is a show by hobbyists, and we don’t always have the time to finish the game. As long as a decent amount of time has been put in, research and reading can help flesh out the missing details.


Get the manual and supplement books

Gaming's Rand McNally

Nowadays, games include all their information in codex sections within the menu. This wasn’t the case years ago, space was precious. Manuals were vital to understanding how the game worked, how the world interacted, and who you were dealing with, not to mention the copyright protection methods.

Manuals were also a vital source of information on background lore that may not show up in the game itself, but helps explain some logic and behavior otherwise, so it becomes critical for this series to get the manual in one form or another.

Ask For Directions


Find some basic answers to common questions you might be wondering about.

Digital Roadmap is about playing older games to see if they still hold up to the memories.

For the sake of this show, “older” games refers to anything at least 10 years old. For example, the first game played for the show was “Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic” released in 2003. Not old by most standards, but within our rules.

As old as we can manage. If there’s a way to emulate it accurately on current hardware, it’s available for an episode.¬†Even as far back as Rogue (which I’ve got working in multiple formats).

Never say never, but there aren’t any planned. There are loads of podcasts that deal with classic console games, but not many focus on PC games.

That’s not a question. But if you meant “How do I suggest a game you should play?” then you can reach out on twitter @roadmappodcast. We’re always happy to hear from the community.



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