Digital Roadmap Podcast Episode 18 – The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

What do you know about the Black Wolf? This episode we look at the second Gabriel Knight game, The Beast Within from Sierra On-line. Come back next episode when we take a look at the 4X genre of games. And after that we’re playing Civilization 2. Remember to connect with us on twitter @roadmappodcast, visit the website, […]

Digital Roadmap Podcast Episode 17 – Tim Cowles Interview

Nostalgia in 4K resolution. In this special episode I sit down with D’Aevkki Studios’ Tim Cowles, the co-writer, co-director and co-producer of “The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker”. During our discussion, we talk about everything from his history with FMV games, murder mystery parties, horror film Scream, to the Guinness Book Of World Records. We […]

Digital Roadmap Episode 5 – Command & Conquer

On this episode we look at the real time strategy game “Command & Conquer” (1995) from Westwood Studios. Here’s the trailer, but you can grab it on Origin. Also, check out the game soundtrack here, the song I refer to as “Mechanical Man” is on the soundtrack as “Target“.  Remember to connect with us on twitter […]

Memory Bytes 2: Just A Legend?

On the left you have Kane from “Command & Conquer” (1995). On the right you have Kane from “Command & Conquer 4” (2010)     These are the same actor, Joseph D. Kucan, 15 years apart. In the lore of the series it’s heavily hinted that Kane is ageless and unkillable, maybe even the biblical […]

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